Sally Morgan Interview 2018

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Sally Morgan Interview 2018…

Psychic Sally Morgan is one of the UK’s most popular stage artists.

Morgan claims to have had a psychic experience at the age of nine months, and has said she saw her first ghost when she was aged four years. As an adult she became a professional medium.

Morgan has appeared on the ITV2 programme Sally Morgan: Star Psychic, Sky Bio channel programme The Psychic Life of Sally Morgan, as well as several series of the Sky Living programme Psychic Sally: On the Road.

The series have also been released on DVD, along with Psychic Sally’s Big Fat Operation, which was also broadcast on the Living Channel.

Sally has 165 shows a year and travels over 34,000 miles across the UK.


Enjoy an exclusive interview with Sally and Alex via YouTube:


Throughout the years Sally’s gift grew naturally and she admits herself that in her early twenties she used the gift as a party piece giving readings casually to friends.

Her accuracy quickly became apparent and she established an excellent reputation, which led her to start practicing as a professional Medium.

Sally built up an extensive client list including celebrities, Royalty alike; she read for Princess Diana for four years.

In 2005 Sally was tested by Professor Gary Schwartz, a Harvard University Ph.D. graduate.

Sally has been accused of being a fake several times and challenged them in court. She has never lost a court case. The Daily Mail was forced to pay £125,000 in damages after accepting an earpiece claim used during the show was “untrue”.

After the experiment he regarded her as one of the best mediums that he had ever tested and even rated her as ONE OF THE TOP 5 BEST PSYCHICS IN THE WORLD

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 13th April 2018.