Steph And Dom Gogglebox Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Steph And Dom Gogglebox Interview…

Breakout stars of TV’s Gogglebox, Steph and Dom are known for their fruity and forthright opinions. They live in Kent and run a high end B&B which has hosted celebrity guests and royals.

Married since 1998, they are parents to two children and pet parents to beloved sausage dog Gigi.

Steph & Dom now present a show on Talk Radio. Follow them HERE!

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Enjoy an exclusive interview with Steph and Dom via YouTube:

When they are not being telly stars, they run a successful B&B called The Salutation – which is based in Sandwich, Kent.

They have two children, Max, 18, and Honor, 15, and have been married for nearly 20 years. The couple have opened up about their son Max who has a mental age of six and is disabled, autistic and suffers from severe epilepsy.

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 11th June 2019.