Shake Shack Review Las Vegas

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Shake Shack Review Las Vegas….

There’s no question that Shake Shack is one of the most talked about and popular brands in 2016 dining.

You can’t buy ‘cool’ in a place like Sin City….but the queues outside Shake Shack are doing something right.

Shake Shack has acquired a cult following over the past 10 years for its 100-percent Angus burgers, hot dogs and desserts.

Open from 11am until late, this New York burger joint couldn’t be better placed opposite the MGM Grand, on the Boulevard, at New York New York Las Vegas.

What’s most impressive is there’s outside seating – so rare in this town.

Offering signature favourites including its ShackBurgers, ShackMeister Ale and the Shack-cago Dog, there is something for everyone, served quickly and at an affordable price.

It’s not fine dining, nor is there service – however, they clearly know how to make a great burger…


Review Shake Shack Double Beef Burger Review Shake Shack (20) Beer Review Shake Shack

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Firstly, there’s a simplicity to Shake Shack which I imagine explains it’s popularity.

They offer quick self-service with freshly made burgers and fries with the rare bonus of an in-house bar.

In reality a burger is a burger, but then again that’s like saying all steaks are created equal…..they’re not!

Review Shake Shack New York New York Beer Review Shake Shack  New York New York Las Vegas Review Shake Shack

With a gloriously spacious dining room and rare outside eating area overlooking the craziness of LV Boulevard, it’s no wonder this is the place to see and be seen.

Ultimately though I have to judge on the food and I thought the Shakes themselves were outstanding.

You can also enjoy a selection of craft beers which is unheard of in such eateries back home.

Here’s the ‘Shroom Burger’ with portobello mushroom with melted Munster & Cheddar cheese. Honestly one of the most bizarre and hideous things I’ve ever been served.

Review Shake Shack Shroom Bruger

Shake Shack is unpretentious, it’s not trying to be Gordon Ramsey BurGR – equally they’re not charging $20 a burger! In fact, they’re a third the price….

The most popular and classic burger is the ‘ShackBurger‘ – Double Cheeseburger topped with lettuce, tomato and ShackSauce. (pic 1 below)

The crinkle cut cheese fries were very popular around the table.

A similar burger with bacon is the delicious SmokeShack

Review Shake Shack Double Beef Shake ShackBurger Review Shake Shack Cheese Fries Review Shake SmokeShack Double Bacon

The ‘dogs’ are also very popular with 100% all-natural Vienna Beef.

They also have chicken dog with apple and sage sausage.

The ‘Shack-Cago Dog’ with ‘Rick’s Picks’ relish, onion, cucumber, pickle, tomato, pepper, celery salt, mustard…..

Review Shake Shack Shack-cago Dog

I’d never heard of ‘concretes’ prior to Shake Shack which is delicious frozen yoghurt with mix-ins!

The ‘All Shook Up’ is unique to Las Vegas. With vanilla custard, Belgian waffles and banana peanut butter.

The chocolate ‘Shack-Attack’ was divine! The epitome of indulgence.

Concretes Review Shake Shack All Shook Up Dessert Review Shake Shack Chocolate Concrete Shack-Attack Review Shake Shack Milk Shakes Chocolate Strawberry

With burgers from $6 and shakes from $7 – this is high end fast food with a unique & personal touch.

What makes this Shake Shack special, memorable and worth a visit is the location, outside seating and beers and wines available with your burger.

3.5* burger – 5* desserts and shakes.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 10th May 2016.