RIP Jim Bowen Last Interview

Hear Celebrity Radio’s RIP Jim Bowen Last Interview…

We were so sad to hear that Jim Bowen has passed away this week after many years of ill health.

TV legend Jim was so kind to talk to us for the last three years and we were honoured to celebrate his life and career.

In August 2017, Jim Bowen turned 80. We spoke to him to celebrate which turned out to be his final in-depth interview.

What a life and career! He’s one of the most loved stand-up comedian and TV personality, after an earlier career as a schoolteacher.

He’s best known as the long-time host of the ITV game show Bullseye, which he hosted from its beginning in September 1981 until the end of its 14th series in July 1995.


Enjoy an EXCLUSIVE 80th Birthday interview with Jim & Alex via YouTube:

While teaching, Bowen became involved with the local dramatic society which kindled his interest in show business.

In the 1960s, he worked part-time as a stand-up comedian on the northern club circuit, balancing his comedy career with his day job as a teacher.


Enjoy an Exclusive 2016 interview with Jim & Alex Belfield….

It made a household name out of ex-school teacher Jim, and also his stream of catchphrases including “Keep out of the black and in the red, you get nothing in this game for two in a bed”, “look at what you could have won” and “You can’t beat a bit of Bully”.

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Enjoy an Exclusive life story interview with Jim and Alex Belfield:

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