5* REVIEW Westlife 20 UK TOUR 2019

5* REVIEW Westlife 20 UK TOUR 2019…

WESTLIFE are back after 8 years and are touring ‘TWENTY’ around the world.

I’m probably not target audience for Westlife but I have to admit, I loved it! These guys are talented – inspiringly talented actually. They’re slick, polished and give 100%!

What impresses me most about Westlife is that they sing live. I know this sounds ludicrous, but, you wouldn’t believe how many pop ‘stars’ use track throughout the entire show and get away with it in 2019.

Their energy and precision is joyous to watch live. The sound is as good as you’re ever going to get in an arena and the atmosphere in the room was second to none.

Congratulations boys! This is a masterclass of revival and the benchmark for all bands who think they can be credible and relevant in 2019.

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The night began with The RUA performing a quite brilliant set. These guys deserve to be stars. Lead vocalist Rosanna is sensationally talented. After audience-cam shenanigans the house was electric by the time Westlife took to the stage at 8.50pm.

There’s no dancers, no props, no scenery, no gimmicks, just four musicians in the band and four world class performers on stage.

The lighting rig is the most incredible I’ve ever seen anywhere in the world for a pop gig and the ginormous 4K screen is astoundingly impressive.

Obviously the boys give you what you want – all of the hits. There’s also a Queen medley which could never fail. The 10,000 (mostly 40ish women) were out of their minds reminiscing about the 90’s!

Vocally Markus and Shane steal the show.  Feehily has a true gift – it’s part gospel and part operatic – truly impressive. Filan is an effortless star and makes it looks easy. What pitch perfect vocal beauty – he truly has X-Factor on every level.

Nicky & Kian drive the show with their energy, moves and beautiful connection to the audience. Their vocals and drive raised the roof during the Queen medley. Utterly charming and instantly likable.

Collective their four voices blend to a hugely impressive sound. Think Il Divo of Pop. Their chemistry is only to be admired. What a career and musical legacy presented in 90 minutes. Only to be respected.

They all looked like they were having the time of their lives despite being half way through the tour.

I can’t find fault with this show. It’s utterly immersive thanks to the incredible screens and remarkable lighting design.

Put four guys on stage with glorious talent and you need little else. Give them a world class track to add to  the band, stunning lighting, sound & screen and you’ve got a 5* masterclass in popular entertainment.

Bravo! A rare surprise that more than beat expectation.

Their stage exit is the most clean and beautiful I’ve ever seen. Copperfield & Criss Angel would be proud! Breathtaking theatricality and production.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 19th June 2019.