Review Ri Ra Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

Enjoy Celebrity Radio Review Ri Ra Mandalay Bay Las Vegas 2015……

Let’s be clear – Ri Ra is Celebrity Radio’s favourite pub in Las Vegas.

It’s sincere, authentic and has really excellent food – and even more friendly staff!

Located in the Mandalay Bay shops – this is the epitome of a Irish Pub.

With furniture and staff sent direct from the homeland, you cannot fail to be impressed by the grandeur of the bar and chandeliers.

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The far room has a much different feel, more formal and restaurant-esk and is home to Live entertainment at weekends.

The staff are hired on a years contract to serve in this pub. They opportunity to learn their craft in the most exciting City in the world.

The bar offers an exceptional menu of over 150 whisky’s, scotches and bourbon’s.

The craft beers are excellent. Again, many important and served perfectly.

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To begin, the appetisers are wonderful, delicious, hugely traditional and could be a meal in themselves.

The crispy devilled scotch eggs are one of my favourites on the menu. Utterly delicious!

Next the sausage roll is a UK classic. Butter puff pastry surrounds a gorgeous indulgent sausage. This is loved by Brits daily in their millions! (Pic 2)

I also wanted to try the Burren Irish smoked salmon for the first time. Again, flown in from Ireland – this is a delicious moist & smoked fish.

This is served with soda bread with lovely onions, capers, lemon and sour cream to add to your taste (Pic 3)

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One of the greatest appetisers on the menu that could easily make a entrée is the fabulous goats cheese. So creamy and delicious it’s a wonderful start to the meal.

Finally to begin, the fresh shrimp were beautifully presented….

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For the entree’s the ‘Dubliner’ is a gorgeous lamb burger with goats cheese and alioli.

Next, I was told the McDonnell’s Fish curry is hugely popular. It is too spicey and packed with flavour. Really impressive and unexpected.

I also wanted to try the house brined corned beef with savoy cabbage. This was a huge surprise. The beef is stunningly tender and the cabbage was beautifully cooked and seasoned…

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Finally though my absolute favourite is the fish and chips.

So simple and the fish is so fresh and perfectly cooked.

The tartar sauce and lemon finish off this dish perfectly…..

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I can’t say enough good things about Ri Ra.

They’ve mastered the art of hospitality, knowing their audience and consistency.

5* – Best Pub Las Vegas 2015 from Celebrity Radio.

Review by Alex Belfield 13th May 2015.