Welcome to the Billion Dollar musical club! In fact the $7 BILLION club!

Disney’s The Lion King is still a sell-out hit wowing crowds around the world in 2017 and shows no sign of ‘getting old’.

I’ve made no secret of my love for The Lion King. It is beautiful, moving, compelling and spectacular entering its 17th year in London.

It literally has everything you want for the perfect night out! With music by Elton John and some of the worlds most inventive, surprising, impressive and beautiful staging, costumes, lighting, choreography, script & puppetry – it has it all.

This isn’t just 5* – it’s in a league of it’s own!

This is truly a guaranteed hit and repays your ticket fee and the £70M investment tenfold in my opinion. Without question this is still the greatest family musical in theatrical history.


Lion King Review 2016 Lyceum Theatre London West End Review Lion King 2016 Lyceum Theatre London West End (12) Lion King Review 2016 Lyceum Theatre West End

Enjoy our Exclusive 2017 Audio / Video Review HERE:

It’s a rainy Saturday afternoon in London and the Lyceum is sold out with 2100 punters. From the opening second, they’re captivated from 5 to 95 years old!

Truly, if I had the choice a seeing one last final show – it would be this! I cannot think of one bad thing to say about it.

The use of lighting, staging and silhouette so powerful, meaningful and moving – this story resonates with so many peoples lives…..on so many levels.

Lion King Review 2016 Lyceum Theatre Lion King Review 2016 Lyceum Theatre London West End Lion King Musical Review

For the kids it’s captivating and spectacular. For the adults it touches a nerve with love, loss, family and survival as the backbone if its story.

The majesty, precision, crafted script and performance of TLK is literally mind blowing.

In recent weeks I’ve left most shows at the interval, or before in some cases – The Lion King continues to evolve and seemingly has more purpose the older it, and we get.

Nods should go, as always, to the effortless Shaun Escoffery who is so masterful, brilliant and commanding as Mufasa. It’s a shame he only gets one song to shine but he nails it!

Shaun is the epitome of a leading man which fully explains why he’s been doing it for so long. I think I first interviewed him over 10 years ago in this role!

It’s thrilling to think I first spoke to him nearly 10 years ago and now he’s a big Star at BBC Radio 2 and as a recording artist in his own right.

His tone is insanely beautiful and his delivery of this character is second to none.

George Asprey was out today and the show did lose something to his voice and brilliance.  He’s the epitome of Scar – creepy, dark and unpleasant matched with equal measure of the sarcastic, troubled and needy.

The young Simba & Nala were especially brilliant and talented today. Janique Charles was an adorable Nala with a gorgeous voice that raised the roof in Act 2.

Brown Lindiwe Mkhize steals the show as Rafiki – the voice of an angel with an enormous personality and charisma that makes that huge Lyceum feel like a tiny showroom. I love her!

George Asprey Scar Lion King London West End Cast Brown Lindiwe Mikhize Rafiki review Lion King London Shaun Escoffery Review Lion King Mufasa

I loved that after 16 years the producers are still adding new lines and tweaking the show. There’s a dig at Frozen, blatant pop at Let It Go a Riverdance parody which all received massive applause. Clever.

Richard Frame and Keith Bookman keep the show fresh and fun as Timon & Pumba.

There’s not a word wasted during this 2.5 hour spectacle. It’s a master-class in all killer no filler which so many others should learn from.

The entire ensemble should be applauded for a faultless, seamless, effortless performance.

The band were terrific and the Live percussion (in the auditorium) was as magical, evocative and moving as ever.

Enjoy an Exclusive interview with the current West End Mufasa, Shaun Escoffery:

After 16 years this is still a 5* masterpiece of musical amazement and moving sentiment that leaves you feeling empowered, enlightened and exhilarated.

The perfect night in the West End on a joyous rollercoaster with huge African heart.

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Review uploaded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 18th November 2017.