5* REVIEW Lea Salonga Tour

REVIEW Lea Salonga Tour 2019…

Lea Salonga is not only a star – she’s a MEGA STAR!

Truly, in 20+ years of reviewing professional theatre, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more consistently breathtaking voice. Good lord it’s a gift.

I’m talking Celine good! Pitch perfect, powerful and stunningly talented. Worst still, she makes it look easy – utterly effortless. Astonishing!

Lea offers a beautifully polished evening of eclectic tunes….celebrating her incomparable voice & love for great music from Broadway to Whitney.

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I was excited to see that Lea was in my home town of Nottingham at the Royal Concert Hall. This room is a worry for sound, but not tonight. Like Il Divo last week, both artistes prove that with a world class sound engineer, world class talent can be heard crystal clear in the fabulous almost 3000 seater venue.

One of the things I loved the most about this show is that Ms. Salonga was 100% live and almost all of the music was too. There was little track, only used for effect. Huge kudos when most major artistes are only saved by the genius’ at the sound desk.

The band, lighting and sound were as perfect as Ms. Salonga herself!

I cannot describe how angelically perfect Lea’s voice is. It’s breathtakingly powerful.

Her range is ludicrous. I can only think of Celine Dion who has equal qualities to mesmerize in concert.

Add her voice to the playlist and you’ve got a 5*+ hit!

From One Direction (incredible) to Miss Saigon – we get it all. There wasn’t one filler number in her two hour appearance.

On stage she is a pro. Completely at ease and makes it look like she’s in her front room singing to her family. So endearing.

Obviously she’s a stunner but an entire package her show was simply flawless.

There’s sing-a-long roof raises like ‘Let It Go’ and ‘This Is Me’ (never heard either sung better EVER) as well as ‘her’ hits from Les Miserables and Disney.

There was a lovely ‘A Whole New World’ moment when a young man who will remain nameless (in gag) raised the roof giving a brilliant duet to this Aladdin classic. Biggest cheer of the night!

So, I think you get my drift. This one is VERY simple….

Lea is a world class star. I don’t mean in musical theatre – I mean in ANY theatre!

She’s gotta have a residency in Vegas. Staggeringly perfect on every level.

Bravo. One of the best nights of my life in a theatre (and I’ve been in 13 this month already lol).

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 10th July 2019.