5* REVIEW Dick Whittington Palladium

REVIEW Dick Whittington London Palladium….

Pantomime is back at the London Palladium for the second year and it’s BIGGER, BETTER & more BULGING than EVER!

With an OTT cast of whopping talent – Julian Clary, Elaine Paige, Diversity & Nigel Havers guarantee a camp old time in this innuendo rammed fabulous theatrical delight!

DICK is enormous, costs a fortune and has an all killer no filler script. The London Bus will leave you speechless whilst the kids sit in true amazement.

Don’t miss Dick Whittington until Jan 14th 2018 at the London Palladium.

BOOK TICKETS HERE! A 5* masterclass.


Here’s the 2017 HD Video review of DICK at the Palladium via YouTube:

Despite the 735 nob gags that I counted (before giving up) – the kids will be blown away by the gorgeous costumes, stunning set, ludicrously high energy dance numbers…and be totally unaware of the outrageous smut.

Does Julian’s endless double-entendres go down well with the Mums and Dads. Naturally – he simply can’t resist whipping it out from his big opening to the inevitable standing ovation!

It’s hard to imagine anyone could drive this goliath of a production more effortlessly.


There’s no question that Cinderella was the most glamorous, lavish & lol production to open at the London Palladium during my 20 year reviewing career.

Well, this year they’ve gone step bigger and better! It’s a beautiful 2.5 hours of feel-good theatre. Boy do we need that. You leave on top of the world.

This outrageous campfest has stunning costumes, big illusions, variety, glamour & is riddled with innuendo and camp old nonsense.


Enjoy our exclusive video of the curtain call at the Palladium…

Elaine Paige works off Julian beautifully. Despite his on stage distain, you can clearly see his warmth & reverence to this showbiz legend.

Gary Wilmot is a delicious Dame, his patter song is inspired. Such warmth, talent & bloody great memory! You could argue he steals the entire show.

Nigel Havers returns with bucket loads of warmth that the audience just adore and Charlie Stemp is a nice addition.

This outrageously decadent production, by Qdos, embodies the true glory of panto.

Julian Clary is the epitome of a Star. With an acid tongue, killer costumes & an enormous bell – you can’t possibly be offended by his cuddly filth.

You see Elaine is quite evil and tries to get her hands on Julian’s Dick – he’s having none of it!


As for Paul Zerdin, well, it’s the same routine as last year. Superfluous this year & time for some new gags/bits. However, if you haven’t seen his act in the last 20 years – you’ll love it, he’s a master!

Diversity got the biggest cheers! They wowed the audience with their precision and collective energy and brilliance. Genius casting.

The costumes are nothing short of sensational, the lighting and sound is second to none and the polish of the set, dancers, energy & overall show is divine.

This 5* panto offers 2017 entertainment with traditional schtick for all the family.

There’s certainly more laughs than any other show I’ve ever seen in London.


Uploaded 10th December 2017 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.