4* REVIEW Comedy Cellar RIO Las Vegas

REVIEW Comedy Cellar Las Vegas…

As comedy clubs go, they don’t get much better than the Comedy Cellar at RIO Las Vegas.

Most clubs are old, grubby, poor sight lines and have seen better days. Not at the Comedy Cellar. It’s a perfectly new, modern and well built room designed for comedy.

The sound (crucial) is perfect, the food is great and the atmosphere is infectious.

Don’t miss the Comedy Cellar at RIO LAS VEGAS (with free parking) daily at 7pm & 9pm.


Enjoy our exclusive HD VIDEO review:

The Comedy Cellar arrived on the West Coast after 36 years of success in New York City. Almost every household comedy name has played the Cellar.

The Comedy Cellar costs $45 a ticket but regularly has offers so search around.

In terms of value for money it’s fantastic! You get an MC and four comedians of various styles.

PLEASE be aware this is R18 and some of the material can be unapologetically vulgar &/or offensive!

There’s a full menu of drinks and food which are very reasonably priced.

We tried the quesadillas & salad which were both enjoyable and great value for the price.

The service at Comedy Cellar is as good as any bar in town. Very impressive…

Obviously every night you’ll get a different line-up of comics. Tonight we had Marc Cohen as host & Dean Delray, Brit Jeff Leach, Erin Jackson & Greer Barnes.

All were solid pros who were fearless in delivery. They wowed and handled the room in equal measure which is no easy challenge in Vegas on a Saturday night.

NOTE: A comedy club is not the place to relax and chill. If you come, shut the @ up and pay attention – if not you’re wasting your own money & ruining the experience for everyone else.

You will be kicked out if you disrupt the show.

Quite right too!

You can eat and drink throughout the show.

Beers from $8 & food from $12 – very reasonable!

Shows are 18 and over and last 90 minutes.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 5th May 2019.