4* REVIEW Avenue Q UK Tour 2019

4* REVIEW Avenue Q UK Tour 2019…

Avenue Q is a timeless coming-of-age story. There’s issues of race, sexuality and gender discussed (and made fun of) throughout. Muppets will struggle to keep up!

In some ways this show is ahead of its time. It’s the millennial story of wanting to be liked and fitting in. They use puppets instead of likes on Facebook to tell this story.

This ain’t a cute Butlins puppet show. Jeff Marx, Robert Lopez and Jeff Whitty offer an adult night of silliness. Think Sesame Street meets Southpark & Family Guy.

It’s rude, crude, thought provoking and at times beautiful. The six piece cast are ridiculously talented and deliver this complicated piece masterfully.

If your dream musical is ‘Sound Of Music’ I’d give Q a miss, but, if you want some fast paced irreverent fun – Avenue Q is a joy.



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This show doesn’t hide behind it’s bush! With songs including ‘Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist’, ‘The Internet Is For Porn’ & ‘If You Were Gay…’ – this ain’t Shakespeare.

The cast are collective brilliant and couldn’t be more polished.

Lawrence Smith arguably steals the show both vocally and physically alongside Cecily Redman. Her ‘Lucy The Slut’ is a joy. A delicious voice – this girl is a star.

Tom Steedon, Megan Armstrong, Nicholas McClean, Oliver Stanley & Saori Oda all got big laughs and drive this story magnificently.

This show requires many skills with singing and dancing being a given. The comic timing and pathos take this show from a camp night out of nonsense to a powerful piece of theatre and social commentary.

Despite having a very basic set, the lighting is quite brilliant and the sound / band are impressive.

This show still looks fresh even though it opened in 2003. It appears the troubles of youth is a timeless story that hasn’t change post Iphone in 2019.

Avenue Q asks a lot of its cast and they deliver. They have inspired energy, especially at a Wednesday matinee in Derby!

This isn’t my favourite show as at times it feels somewhat pointless. However, there are  lol moments and magical musical sections where this production goes from silliness to completely immersive musical theatre.

Not for the faint of heart! If you’re broad minded, you’ll love AVENUE Q!

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 20th March 2019.