Phoenix Nights LIVE 2015 Manchester Arena Comic Relief

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Phoenix Nights LIVE 2015 Manchester Arena Comic Relief interview with Dave Spikey….

Phoenix Nights is returning for the first time in fifteen years with a very special LIVE show in aid of Comic Relief for two nights only at Manchester Arena.

Reuniting the full original cast from the award winning comedy since the shows creation in 2000.

Peter Kay and co-stars including Dave Spikey and Paddy McGuinness will take to the stage at Manchester Arena tomorrow for the first of 15 live shows in aid of Comic Relief.

Shows run until Feb 16th 2015:

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Enjoy an Exclusive interview with Dave Spikey / Jerry St Clair from Phoenix Nights….

Get tickets in aid of Comic Relief.

The multi-award winning and critically acclaimed series followed the rise and fall of scheming club impresario Brian Potter and his band of loyal staff and regulars who will do just about anything to make his beloved Phoenix club a success despite all the odds being stacked against them.

Peter Kay said “Comic Relief has always been close to my heart and I always try to think of something. I could think of no better way to raise money and have fun than getting everybody back together”

Peter Kay is no stranger to Manchester Arena, his Guinness Record breaking stand-up tour saw the comedian play an astonishing forty nights at the venue, a record never beaten by any other act in the world. He also worked at the arena as a steward when it opened in 1995 as he was starting his career in comedy.

Interview recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 28th November 2014.