Phill Jupitus Life Story Interview ~ Never Mind The Buzzcocks

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Phill Jupitus Life Story Interview ~ Never Mind The Buzzcocks…..

Phill Jupitus is the Star of ‘Buzzcocks’ on BBC2 and now takes the lead in ‘Spamalot’ touring the UK.

Phill is an English stand-up and improv comedian, actor, performance poet, cartoonist and podcaster.

Jupitus has been a team captain on BBC Two’s popular music quiz Never Mind the Buzzcocks since its inception in 1996 and also appears regularly as a guest on several other panel shows, including QI and BBC Radio 4’s I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue.

If you’re into radio read Phill’s remarkably honest book about how the BBC operates – it’s not pretty!

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Belfield and Jupitus re-unite for another chat……

During the 2008 Major League Baseball season, Jupitus presented a feature during the seventh inning stretch of Channel Five’s featured Sunday night game.

Each week he would read a section or quote from one of his favourite baseball-related books. He is a fan of the Boston Red Sox and has their logo tattooed on his arm.

On 13–14 February 2009 Jupitus co-hosted the first BadMovieClub on Twitter.

At midnight exactly, over 2,000 Twitter users simultaneously pressed ‘Play’ on the film The Happening and continued to ‘tweet’ whilst watching, creating a collective viewing experience that generated 40,000 ‘tweets’ in under two hours.

The first showing took place at 9:00pm, hosted by Graham Linehan.

On 9 September 2009 Jupitus narrated a half-hour documentary on BBC Radio 4 about the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes created by Bill Watterson.

On 6 October 2010 Phill (along with Emma Kennedy) hosted a special comedy evening at the Canterbury Animation Festival ‘Anifest’.

He will be returning to Anifest 2011[23] on 1 October 2011.

Recorded Feb 2011 by Alex Belfield for the BBC and Celebrity Radio.