Mathieu Bolillo Las Vegas REVIEW

Mathieu Bolillo Las Vegas REVIEW…

Mathieu is a stunning Las Vegas multi-talented artist who is best known as a 5* speciality act mastering handstamd performance art.

You cannot take your eyes of this gravity defying star who has dedicated his life to his act.

Mathieu Bolillo is a highly skilled performer with 30 years of athletic and acrobatic experience and an insatiable drive to further his skill and push the human body to new limits. He has been featured at special events and television shows worldwide.

Winner of the 2016 US Aerial Championship in Innovative & Unique Apparatus, he made his Las Vegas debut in Cirque Du Soleil’s Ka and has continued showcasing his exclusive act for venues all over the world.

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Watch Mathieu in action here with our HDTV video…

As well as being a star of stage, Mathieu also an actor, model and stuntman and fitness fanatic.

We most recently saw Mathieu at SLS Casino Las Vegas in ‘Totally Outrageous Brunch’ where he starred as headline act.

Mathieu makes his act look easy – the greatest compliment of all. His physicality is effortless and every move is fluid and beautifully staged.

Here’s Bolillo in action…

His effortless ease is only achieved by his enormous strength and years of devoting his life to his act.

Mathieu is a 5* spec act that beautifully celebrates his art with stunning grace and breathtaking perfection.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 4th September 2019.