Hypnotist Anthony Cools At Paris Vegas

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Hypnotist Anthony Cools At Paris Las Vegas…..

Anthony Cools has one of the most outrageous, hysterical and crazy shows in Las Vegas.

Starring at the Paris Casino, Anthony performs nightly with his unique hypnotism show where the audience get to join in and become the Stars of the show.

This is an adult show with VERY grown up content!

If you’re easily offended, humourless or hard of thinking – I recommend you stay away!

However, if you have an open mind, sense of humour and love seeing people acting ridiculously – this is definitely THE show for you!

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Enjoy an exclusive interview with Anthony recorded at the Paris Hotel and Casino….

Quitting smoking. Eating less. Psychotherapy. Where’s the fun in that?

Paris brings out the risqué in people and hypnotist Anthony Cools is here to uphold that allure. He uses his comedy hypnosis skills for sinful purposes. He’s good at tapping into the carnal desires and subconscious naughtiness of his audience, eliminating inhibitions with entertaining results inside the Anthony Cools Showroom.

Signature stunts in the hilariously interactive 90-minute show include handshakes that induce shocking responses, as well as several other scandalous tricks. Because of the small theater, audience participation is encouraged.

Inteview Jan 2013 with Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.