Dave Spikey And Tony Green Interview Bullseye

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Dave Spikey And Tony Green Interview Bullseye…..

It was a great day for Belfield when the Stars of Bullseye came into the studio!

Alex met up with darts legend Tony Green and Dave Spikey from Phoenix Nights when they got together for Challenge TV to bring back the hit TV series.

Tony Green Dave Spiley Bullseye Interview Bullseye Tony Green Interview Dave Spikey & Tony Green Bullseye BBC Interview Alex Belfield

Enjoy a rare and Exclusive chat with Dave, Tony & Alex…..

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Dave Spikey & Tony Green BBC Interview & Life Story with Alex Belfield @ www.celebrityradio.biz

The show originally aired on Monday nights in September 1981 and produced by ATV. In 1982, Bullseye was moved to Sunday afternoons, with a new co-host, Tony Green, a professional darts commentator, being brought in to keep track of the scores, and it helped to achieve around 17 million viewers.

Although Green (who appeared in the first series as a charity thrower) was initially brought in merely to act as a scorekeeper and commentator, over the years his role grew until by the time the show ended he was essentially the co-host.

Bullseye was moved from its traditional Sunday afternoons to Saturday afternoons from 1994 to 1995. A fifteenth series was planned in 1996, but Andrew Wood refused since it required new conditions by the ITV network centre, and he believed it would lose its appeal.

After an eleven-year hiatus, Bullseye was revived for a new series, which was recorded for the digital channel Challenge produced by Granada at Yorkshire Television in the Leeds Studios and was hosted by Dave Spikey.

Recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 2007.