Comedian Katherine Ryan Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Comedian Katherine Ryan 2014 Interview Edinburgh & UK Tour….

Katherine Ryan is the powerhouse comedienne who has starred on  8 OUT OF 10 CATS, MOCK THE WEEK, NEVER MIND THE BUZZCOCKS and is due to appear on Q.I. later in the year.

Ms. Ryan has incredible warmth, energy and a bitingly brilliant observational act poking fun at pop culture, celebrities and her own life.

Katherine is hugely charismatic, charming and fearlessly performs her cutting act with absolute precision and confidence.

You cannot fail to fall in love with KR. She’s mastered her art and is officially Celebrity Radio’s must see comedian in 2014!

Katherine is on tour throughout 2014 with her new show ‘Glam Role Model’ and is currently at the Edinburgh Festival through August 2014.

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Enjoy an Exclusive Life Story Interview with Katherine Ryan and Alex Belfield recorded August 2014:

Katherine Ryan Review @ London Palladium 2014:

I was lucky enough to see Katherine on Saturday night opening for the formidable Chelsea Handler at the London Palladium – it doesn’t get any bigger than that!

Katherine, like Chelsea, is a ballsy comic from across the pond (Canada – north of the bits of America you’ve heard of) who is one of the most slick and polished comedians on the circuit.

Her powerhouse performance crescendo’s with a compelling and buttock-clenchingly brilliant observation of Beyonce.

No-one is safe!

Ryan’s Cheryl (no longer Cole) skit is one of the most brilliantly observed, LMFAO works of comedy genius I’ve ever seen in a long while. You smashed it although I wouldn’t expect an invite to one of her forthcoming weddings.

Comedian Katherine Ryan Interview (2) Comedian Katherine Ryan Interview (1) Comedian Katherine Ryan Interview (1)

Her physicality and energy was inspired throughout.

Tulisa gets it both barrels (not for the first time) and even Katherine’s own daughter gets huge laughs.

It’s so refreshing to see anyone (especially a ‘mainstream’ comedian) who is willing to speak out, takes sides and have an opinion risking their own lives mocking dopey but incredibly powerful, popular and rich celebs!

Ms. Ryan publicly outed herself as being completely unimpressed by the likes of Bieber & Styles. Brave? Stupid? Career threatening? Who knew? I loved it.

A master-class in delivery and timing.

Ms. Ryan is seriously one of the most brilliant comedians I’ve seen in years. Her confidence and stage presence was inspired. Her material and timing was second to none!

The BBC should use her everywhere! No-one could accuse her of filling a hole, ticking a box or being booked as a PC token gesture.

Here’s Alex Belfield’s Audio/Visual review of Katherine Ryan 2014 at the London Palladium:

Katherine was the 2008 winner of the Nivea Funny Women Awards and according to her webiste is a £fresh and bitingly funny addition to UK stand-up circuit” – I couldn’t agree more!

As well as being a writer-performer Katherine is also a talented actress and played the lead role of George in Victoria Pile’s Channel 4 series CAMPUS. Katherine also appeared regularly throughout the second series of EPISODES as Merc’s Assistant.

Katherine was a support act for ANGELOS EPITHEMIOU’S ONE NIGHT STAND for Dave and performed a set on Frankie Boyle’s THE BOYLE VARIETY SHOW which aired on Channel Four last summer.

This review recorded by Alex Belfield 12th July 2014