Cliff Richard 2020 UK TOUR At 80 INTERVIEW

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Cliff Richard 2020 UK TOUR At 80 – Life Story INTERVIEW….

On Sir Cliff’s 79th birthday he has announced he’s back LIVE in 2020 celebrating his 80th birthday.

The evergreen pop star born Harry Webb seems as popular today as he was when he released his debut album in 1959.

He’s produced 47 studio albums, 35 compilations, 11 live albums and seven film soundtracks.

Cliff is the epitome of British musical icon and legend.

Despite controversy in 2014, his fans stand behind him and he still remains the UK’s Prince Of Pop!

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Here’s the full UK TOUR DATES + 2 life story interviews from Celebrity Radio:

Here’s the poster and full list of tour dates for 2020.

Sir Cliff @ 80:

In 1958, Hank Marvin and Bruce Welch joined ‘The Drifters’, and by 1959 the band changed their name to ‘The Shadows’. It was also around this time that Cliff made his film debut in ‘Serious Charge’. The film produced the hit ‘Living Doll’, Cliff’s first number one hit.

In 1999, ‘The Millennium Prayer’ reached number one, regardless of no airplay and scathing reviews. Despite a lack of support in the press, Cliff continues to make music and his recent album and DVD release cracked the top twenty.

Cliff talks about the impact of hurtful journalists giving him sleepless nights:

From 2001 to 2013 Cliff has released a total of nine studio albums (as well as live albums and compilations), with the last being the certified-gold ‘The Fabulous Rock ‘n’ Roll Songbook.

Cliff now divides his time between his homes in the UK, Barbados and Portugal, where he has taken to making his own wine.

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