RIP Bill Tarmey Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Bill Tarmey RIP Life Story Interview Jack Duckworth Coronation Street…..

RIP the brilliant Bill Tarmey.

Bill was a tremendous singer, comedian and club act. A unique personality actor who the UK loved for over 30 years as Jack Duckworth on Coronation Street.

He was much loved Jazz singer and started out as a ‘turn’ in the northern clubs as a singer and comedian.

Alex met Bill a year before he died where he was clearly in failing health. Nevertheless, Bill couldn’t resist a couple of fags throughout the interview despite having terrible breathing difficulties.

Belfield says “It was a true honour to meet such a legend and spend an hour with him. Just a true gentleman who will be much missed”.

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RIP Bill, thanks for the memories….

Tarmey was born in Ardwick, Manchester, Lancashire. Shortly after his birth, he moved with his family to live in Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire, where he was also educated.

Following the death of his father William in 1944 whilst driving an ambulance at the Battle of Arnhem during the Second World War,[3] his mother Lilian remarried, to Robert Cleworth.

Tarmey attended the Bradford Memorial School and the Queens Street School (which became the Philips Park Secondary Modern School).

On leaving school, he was apprenticed to his stepfather, who was an asphalt spreader by trade. He also worked in the construction industry for a number of years.

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Recorded by Alex Belfield 2011 for the BBC and Celebrity Radio.