BEST BURGER Las Vegas 2016 B&B Mario Batali Venetian

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Best Burger Las Vegas 2016 B&B Mario Batali Venetian….

Set in the worlds biggest hotel, The Venetian Hotel & Casino – Burger & Beer by Mario Batali has mastered the art of casual dining.

Not only is the food exceptional for the price, but the atmosphere on the terrace at the Grand Canal overlooking the Gondolas is intoxicating – for Las Vegas.

I love the simplicity of the menu. It’s not trying to be sophisticated – it’s offering the best burger & sandwiches you can get on the strip with added extras for a very good price – that’s smart!

Inside this is a smart burger joint, you can enjoy the air conditioning and bar.

As well as the obviously, there are some fabulous surprises on this menu. As burger bars go – this is a 5* dining experience!

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Best Burger Las Vegas Venetian B&B Burger and beer Best Burger Las Vegas Venetian B&B  Burger & Beer Best Burger Las Vegas Venetian B&B

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Mario Batali is a powerhouse chef of epic proportions. With restaurants and TV shows across the USA, he’s the master of his craft.

So why burgers? Well, people love burgers and most are dreadful. There’s an art to a great burger and if anyone can do it, MB can!

The service at B&B is efficient, friendly but also informal and relaxed – perfectly pitched considering the atmosphere.

Mario Batali Review Burger Restaurant Venetian Hotel and Casino Las Vegas Mario Batali Review Burger Restaurant Las Vegas Mario Batali Review Burger Restaurant Best Burger Out doors Las Vegas boulevard outside dining

I visited on a sunny afternoon in May, it was glorious!

Overlooking the chaos of the strip, distracted by the elegance and ludicrousness of the Venetian Grand Canal – this was a wonderful dinner.

The ‘Pork Parts’ was a fabulous surprise. Perfectly tender belly (my absolute favourite) was delicious and the sausage went perfectly with the tomatoes, rocket and house mustard.

The mozzarella (pic 2) with tomato sauce was a treat with crustini.

I always love to try a chop salad – if you can’t do that……thankfully it was perfect.

What a refreshing and appetising start to the meal….

Belly Pork B&B Burger Venetian Best Burger Las Vegas Venetian B&B Mozzerella Chop Salad B&B Burger Venetian Review 2016

The sandwiches are also a piece of work…

Don’t miss the Lobster Roll – something very different and special.

Made with New England Bun, pickled ramps, bacon & crème fraiche. So tender and melt-in-the-mouth good!

When visiting B&B be sure to add in the slaw and fries, made in house and delicious!

The pulled pork sandwich is moist, packed with flavour and a meal in itself….

Best Sandwich Las VEgas Venetian Hotel Best Burger Las Vegas Venetian B&B  Pulled Pork Sandwich Las Vegas

Next, add in a ‘Nutella Shake’ or ‘Bourbon Cherry’. It may sound dreadfully sickening but in reality it’s sickeningly moreish…..and impossible not to finish. Heaven.

I need a priest! (Perfect before, during & after your burger!)

Feel free to upgrade to alcoholic versions of both…

Best Burger Las Vegas Venetian B&B (2)

This is not a restaurant for those who count calories. Just enjoy!

The ‘Crispy Cod’ sandwich delivers exactly what it says on the tin!

Also, for the veggies, my absolute favourite – the eggplant parmigiano – wow!

Dish by dish, Mario proves he absolutely knows what he’s doing……

 Review Burger & Beer Mario Batali Las Vegas Best Burger Las Vegas Venetian B&B Eggplant Parm

So to the burger…

Well there are several options including ‘The Drive Thru’ (2 patties), ‘The Really Good’ (potato bun), ‘The Bottom Burner’ – don’t ask!

I opted for the special of the day – a gorgeous 6oz patty with fabulous caramelised onions on top!

The meat was beautifully tender, perfectly cooked (slightly pink not grey) and rich in flavour. The burger was wonderfully innovative and well made….

Best Burger Las Vegas

I love this restaurant, it has mastered the art of elegant but relaxed dining.

What makes this eatery so special is not only the exceptional ‘burger standard’ food- but the atmosphere, service and view. Just tremendous!

5* Value & “BEST BURGER LAS VEGAS 2016!”

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Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 11th May 2016.